That was amazing! That was the gentlest massage I’ve ever had. Usually even when I tell massage therapists that I bruise easily, they still push too hard. -Claire B.

I had never had Ashiatsu massage before so I had no idea what to expect. It was awesome! Carla can really get to the root of the problem, providing a stronger, more deep tissue massage than a lot of other massage therapists. She is a pleasure to be around. Can’t wait to get another massage. -Marie G.

Had my first appointment with Carla yesterday and was not only impressed in every way but came home feeling three times better than when I left home for the appointment. I plan on more sessions in the future. -Bob L.

Never having had an Ashiatsu massage, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first decided to experience one by Carla. She answered all of my questions, put me at ease, and communicated well with me throughout the massage, always mindful my needs. Carla gave me the best massage of my life, hands down. Or, “feet down,” I should say.  -Marc M.

Whenever I am having pain or discomfort I can count on Carla to make me feel better. She uses a variety of techniques and her knowledge of massage to do what my body needs. I always feel better after an appointment with Carla.       -Marie G.

Wow! What an awesome and relaxing massage that was. I am going to check my budget tonight and will probably be making another appointment for next week. Thanks again, and can’t wait to get back in to see ya! -Michelle

Carla has a level of awareness that I have not found in a masseuse in all the years I’ve been receiving massage. Her ability to read her own body and yours allows for a truly exceptional experience. Her use of her feet in her massage technique offers an in depth massage that will leave you feeling relaxed. She also communicated just the right amount before, during and after the massage. -Callie M.

Just wanted to send a little note to say thank you for the wonderful, healing massage.  I didn’t realize I was having such a hard time dealing with my recent heartache, or at least I was pretending to be tough, and I haven’t really talked about it too much and have been mostly processing on my own, so I really appreciated the safe place that you offered and your willingness to change the massage to better suit my needs on that day.  I was trying not to cry even though you said it was okay, but I think you literally massaged the tears right out of me!   Your caring nature is so evident in the work that you do.  I’m sorry I was such a mess, but I really am grateful for the work that you did and I think that I really am feeling more calm and at peace as a result.  I look forward to trying some of the other massages you offer in the future and have been telling my friends how great you are if they are ever looking for a massage. -Name withheld by request

Thanks so much! You are the first massage therapist who is able to get the knots out of my shoulders! I love that I have no pain or bruising after your deep tissue technique! The ball and heel of your foot spread out the pressure so you can get the knots out without hurting! Don’t ever leave Missoula or I’ll be lost! You’re amazing!      -Julie

I had a very stressful week behind me when I went to see Carla. Her excellent massage relaxed me and gave me extra energy for the next week and beyond. -Varju L.

That was the best massage I’ve ever had. 

-Jason S.