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  • What kind of massage is best for me?
    While most massages are a combination of techniques, it can also be beneficial to receive one specific type of massage. Here are some options: Swedish Massage: For relaxation and to increase circulation due to stress, injury or lack of exercise. Shiatsu: For joint mobilization and passive stretching. It is believed in Eastern medicine that “life force,” or ch’i, is most accessible through the hands and feet, which are given special attention. Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy: For deep pressure. Ashiatsu is adjusted to your pressure preference, ranging from medium to very deep. Often, people who are ticklish can handle the pressure of the foot better than hand pressure. Ashiatsu is ideal for the larger, muscle-bound client, such as the rugby or football player. Craniosacral Therapy: For pain relief from recent injuries. Works with the central nervous system and uses a feather-light touch to encourage the tissues to self-correct.
  • How often should I get a massage?
    For your psychological and physical well-being, a massage is a great gift to give yourself regularly. For acute or chronic conditions, a client should get one massage a week for 4-8 weeks. Once conditions have stabilized, I suggest one session every other week. It is also beneficial, however, to schedule massages as far apart as 1 to 3 months. There is a psychological benefit in having a massage to look forward to and a physical benefit in getting a periodic “tune-up.”
  • Is Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy painful?
    Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy delivers deep tissue results without the pain, and clients can choose their pressure preference. I use a pressure scale of 1-10 so that clients can be in control of the amount of pressure they receive. Think about how sensitive your foot is when you step on a pebble. The same applies when stepping on someone’s back. Usually, an area that is uncomfortable or painful for you will be uncomfortable for me to stand on, thus revealing itself as the area that needs the most attention.
  • Clothing / modesty
    Swedish or Ashiatsu: If you want a Swedish massage or an Ashiatsu OBT deep compression massage with lotion or cream, you will need to remove your clothes. Eighty percent of sessions are done this way. You will always be covered with a thick, full length towel, except for the part of your body that is being massaged. Craniosacral or Shiatsu: Wear comfortable, loose clothing.
  • Communicating about your massage
    Should the client talk during the session? This is up to you. Usually, silence is more beneficial, but sometimes stress relief comes from talking. The amount of verbal communication is largely client-led. I request that you communicate any preferences or discomfort about: room temperature music taste oil or lotion preference comfort on the massage table pressure of your massage
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