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Licensed by the State of Montana

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  • 2010 – present: licensed by the State of Montana

  • 1997-2010: licensed by NCTMB

  • Medicaid Waiver Program Provider since 2013

  • University of Montana Stress Less Program Therapist (since 2008)

  • Bachelor of Arts in Interpersonal Communication, University of MT

About Carla Green

I grew up at Marshall Mountain Ski Area, east of Missoula. Marshall was my home from 1957 to 1983, and I spent my childhood exploring the mountains through countless seasons. Witnessing the healing power of nature led me to become passionate about the many elements of healthy, natural living, including massage, meditation, and mindful eating. I live by the phrase, you are what you eat. I grow sprouts in my kitchen and vegetables in my yard, and I ferment my own kombucha, kimchi, and kefir.

When I am not gardening, hiking, or massaging clients, I am usually playing music. I can often be found rehearsing or playing gigs in tap houses, wineries, clubs, or Missoula Folklore Society dances.

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